Rocket Launcher

weapon (ranged)
Waffe Schaden Sehr Nah Nah Mittel Weit Extrem Magazine Slots
LAW 6W10 / +0 -4 / (-10) / 2 8

LAW (Ziehen: 2 Aktionen / Nachladen: 4 Aktionen)


The MBT LAW was developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics, using technology derived from the BILL 2 (warhead and guidance), and AT4 CS (confined space capability) systems. It is a soft-launch system, allowing it to be used from within an enclosed room. In this system, the rocket is first launched out of launcher using a low powered ignition. After the rocket travels several meters into flight, its main rocket ignition occurs which propels to rocket from there on, to the target.

The portable, short range, fire-and-forget system will enter service in 2009, as the NLAW (Next Generation Anti-tank Weapon), to replace the British Army’s existing LAW 80 system that is reaching its obsolescence, as well as the ILAW (AT4 CS) (Interim Lightweight Anti-tank Weapon) which is in current deployment as a substitute for the period in which the MBT-LAW is yet to be deployed. Deliveries began in December 2008.


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