Benelli M1014


weapon (ranged)
Waffe Schaden Sehr Nah Nah Mittel Weit Extrem Magazine Slots
Shotgun 6W4 / 3W4 +0 -2 / / / 5 (à 6) 5

Shotgun (Ziehen: 1 Aktion / Nachladen: 1 Aktion für 3 Schuss)


The Benelli M Series Super 90 Shotguns are a series of 12 gauge Tactical shotguns based on the H&K recoil system, first introduced in the H&K Model 512 Auto Shotgun. The Super 90 refers to only the defense / tactical models, since Benelli does offer hunting, trap & field versions of some of the same shotguns. The only departure is the M4 which keeps the same exterior design but introduced a new proprietary gas operated system, the “Auto-regulating gas-operated (ARGO)” system.

Unlike the previous M series shotguns, rather than the Benelli Inertia Drive system for semi-automatic operation, the M4 uses a new proprietary dual gas piston system for semi-automatic operation called the “Auto-regulating gas-operated (ARGO) system”. This new system was designed per specifications from the U.S. Marine Corps. It goes by the designation ‘M1014 Joint Services Combat Shotgun’ in the US military and ‘L128A1’ in the British military.

Benelli M1014

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