Reflector Sight



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A reflector or reflex sight is a generally non-magnifying optical device that allows the user to look through a partially reflecting glass element and see an illuminated projection of an aiming point or some other image superimposed on the field of view. This is achieved by placing an image, a cross hair reticle or other pattern, at the focus of a lens and bouncing the image off a slanted glass plate, or at the focus of a partially reflecting curved mirror. The viewer looking through the glass plate or curved mirror reflector sees an image of the reticle in front of them that stays in alignment with the device the sight is attached to regardless of their eye position, removing most of the parallax error found in simple sighting devices.

Since their invention in 1900, reflector sights have come to be used as gun sights on all kinds of weapons from small firearms to fighter aircraft. They are also used in civilian applications such as optical telescope pointing aids, camera viewfinders and as the base component in many types of head-up display.

Reflector Sight

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